For hundreds of years now, we have been nurturing a special connection with the ancient weapon of warfare, the sword. We are inspired by the centuries-old art and craft of sword making, and we continue to honor its rich heritage. Our swords are forged according to the ways of ancient tradition, and acknowledged for their superior quality and craftsmanship. Combined with modern techniques, every piece is endowed with more strength, beauty and polish. And made more priceless… by using precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. At Depaj, we offer you this unique symbol of our heritage. The world of sword making, a world of its own.


Since ancient times, sword making has been an inherent part of the Arabian heritage. In spite of the diversity of the types that emerged in different periods of history, swords remain a constant symbol of strength, nobility, courage and heroism. Today, the use of swords has evolved, and they now serve an aesthetic function. Modern day swords come in intricate designs and are ornamented with stones and jewellery, while others are designed with Arabic motifs and calligraphy. A wide range of new and original designs are continuously being produced—

all bearing a touch of novelty, sophistication and world-class quality. Like the swords of Depaj. The Arabian swords by Depaj have acquired a special place in the market. Whether it’s the handle or the blade, every part of the Depaj sword is an independent unit, and can be acquired separately. The range of types are extensive, coming in different shapes, ornaments, materials and designs. Only the finest materials are used in the making of Depaj swords— ivory, wood, gold and silver. Each sword is given a distinctive touch. Each one is set apart from the rest.


In Arabian culture, the dagger and the sidearms occupy a status that is equal to the sword. However, in some countries, the dagger bears more distinction than the sword. The dagger continues to entice people with its charm and mystique, its range of symbolisms, and on the ancient craft of how it is made. At Depaj, we make daggers from every kind of material… from gold to silver, from ivory to wood. And there are many types, including the famous Dagger North… the Al-Badawi, Al-Saidi, Alenzuani

and Graphic. Each dagger is given a distinct character, using a range of traditional designs… enhanced with ornaments and inscriptions… in a variety of styles and shapes. However, the attention to detail is evident in every part, from the handle of the dagger… to the tip of the blade. Aside from daggers, we also have a unique collection of knives, daggers for hunting, women ́s `Alchaabary ́, and the `Naher ́, all bearing the superior quality and craftsmanship unique to Depaj.